Independence Inn!

Above: From left to right: Michel, Lorelai, and Drella.

The Independence Inn, besides Chilton and the Gilmore home, is one of the most frequented places on the show. Lorelai works there; as does Sookie, Michel, and the harpist, Drella. (Drella is so nice.) Sookie talks to Jackson there; it is also where she calls him to go out on their first date.

Many important things happen at the Independence Inn. Lorelai reads Rory's acceptance letter to Chilton there. A wedding between twin grooms and twin brides happens. Drella, the harpist, plays beautiful harp music. (You can say that her music makes up for her personality!) Sookie reads a review for her risotto, which bills it as "good." This sends her into a whirlwind of risotto making.

The Inn is obviously very popular with people from out of town; they are almost always continually booked. Michel gets tired of telling people off because there is no room for them.

Above: Michel, after he has finished telling people there is no room at the inn.

We can only continue to watch as Lorelai enjoys her job at the Inn. She also seems to enjoy working with Michel, even though he is not always Mr. Congeniality.

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